If you need help, please email help@cs.queensu.ca. This goes to all of us. We will discuss on Teams and be in touch quickly. This is the best way to avoid things slipping through the cracks.

Your Queen’s School of Computing technical support team consists of…

Name Title Office Telephone E-mail address
Ben Hall Technical Operations Manager 548 533-6066 bhall@queensu.ca
Aaron Visser Senior Systems Analyst 547 533-6069 aaron@cs.queensu.ca
Doug Martin Systems Specialist 551 533-6784 doug@cs.queensu.ca
Sarah-Jane Whittaker Information and Technical Analyst 551 sjw3@queensu.ca
Zack Babcock Systems Analyst 550 533-6753 zwb@queensu.ca

Note that we work closely with ITS. If you contact the IT Support Centre (ITSC), please let us know by mailing help@cs.queensu.ca so that we can help with any tickets.

If you need to access restricted resources and have already installed Company Portal, please submit a change request to have your device marked as Corporate. This typically takes ITS a day. If this is a problem, let us know.

This table shows who on the technical support team it is best to approach for a specific type of problem.

Service description Primary contact(s) Alternate contact(s)
Accounts creation (research systems) Aaron Ben
CASLab (undergraduate systems) support Doug Aaron, Ben
CISC domain (Windows) problems Zack, Aaron Ben, Doug
OnQ Support Sarah, Doug Ben
Disk space (UNIX quota) Aaron, Ben Doug, Zack
Email (@cs.queensu.ca) Aaron Ben, Doug
Graduate student database problems Aaron Doug, Ben, Zack, Sarah
Hardware problems (non-PC) Zack Aaron, Ben, Doug
Hardware problems (PCs) Zack, Aaron Ben, Doug
iButton enrollment, door access Zack Aaron
iButton hardware problems Zack Aaron
IP addresses assignment (research systems) Aaron Ben, Zack
Laptop network access via DHCP (wired) (research systems) Zack Aaron
Linux support (general) Zack Aaron, Ben
Mac support (general) Aaron Ben, Zack, Doug
Matlab Zack Aaron, Doug, Ben
Microsoft Imagine (formerly Dreamspark, formerly the MSDN Academic Alliance) software distribution Zack
Network problems (hardware-related) Zack Aaron, Doug, Sarah, Ben
PC configuring, reformatting Zack Doug
Poster printing Zack Doug
Printer connections (Linux) Zack Aaron
Printer connections (Mac OS) Aaron Zack
Printer connections (Windows) Zack Aaron, Doug, Ben, Sarah
Printing issues (UNIX) Aaron, Ben Zack, Doug
Printer setup Zack Aaron, Doug
Printer toner cartridge replacement Zack Aaron, Doug, Ben
Purchasing (PCs and peripherals) Aaron, Ben, Zack
Solaris (UNIX) support Ben, Aaron Zack, Doug
Technical reports Doug Sarah
Web sites (School’s, course-related, personal) webdev@cs.queensu.ca, Doug, Sarah Ben, Aaron
Web sites (CASLab) Doug, Sarah Zack, Aaron, Ben
Windows support (general) Zack Aaron, Doug, Ben, Sarah
All other technical issues Aaron Doug, Ben, Zack, Sarah