You may have a printer connected directly to your computer, and your Technical Support Staff will, as required, help you with it, but this page is primarily concerned with the school’s networked printers.

Printer access

If you work in a research lab, you likely have access to at least one networked printer located there. If you don’t, or if you need access to a different printer, consider using ps1, a duplexing printer (i.e., it prints on both sides of a piece of paper) which is located at the east end (nearest the elevator) of the 7th floor of Goodwin Hall. All Windows and Linux PCs set up by the Technical Support Staff can find (IP address which, at the time of writing, is an HP LaserJet 4050n.

Printer assistance

If you need help configuring a computer to work with a specific printer, to fix a printer, or to replace a toner cartridge, please contact a School of Computing technician.